"Frank Liu DDS is the very best and I've seen several dentists having lived in multiple locales. I have always enjoyed visiting his office and I've had a fair amount of dental work done including extractions and bridges. I have found Dr Liu is a nice guy who really cares: he regularly follows-up on difficult procedures with a phone call. Regarding his work, this is how I see it: he loves his job and strives for perfection, kind of like an excellent violinist. In addition, he attended the finest universities and still attends conferences on the latest advances in dental practices. You may not value this, but I do.
He approaches each situation with the utmost confidence that he is doing the best for the patient. His sense of humor is good and his staff are pleasant and qualified.
Finally, I'm on a blood thinner: coumadin for life. More than once an appointment had to be juggled several times on very short notice pending lab results, but the entire staff got involved and the job got done. They really cared!
So, I reiterate, my experience with Dr Liu has been one of unqualified satisfaction."

"Dr. Lin is a caring kind dentist and her office is neat, immaculate and highly organized. Her office staff are all friendly and attentive. I would highly recommend Dr. Lin...Her expertise and honesty is worth so much"

"Like most we do not like visiting the dentist. However, since I have been going to Dr. Frank Liu that has changed. I look forward to going. First of all, he goes by appointment and I do not have time to turn to the second page of a magazine before I am called in. My time is valuable and I appreciate this. I have had crowns, bridges, fillings, cleaning and extractions...all successful and without pain. Dr. Liu is a perfectionist and will not send you off until he is completely satified with his work. He is wonderful at explaining exactly what needs to be done and his plan of action. His office is spotless and very comfortable. His equipment is state of the art. I am always happy to visit Dr. Liu. Don't get me wrong, its not one of my top 10 things to do...but the experience of visiting a dentist has greatly improved since I found Dr. Liu."

"Our family have been seeing Dr. Lin for 3 years on teeth checkup and cleaning. She is a very caring dentist and so far our visitations are a pleasant one."

"Dr. Margaret Lin's nice and makes me feel comfortable. I would recommend her to everybody."

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